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The Bahukhandi refers to the total income of an individual movie or film in a particular period of time as stated in the information thereof. When any film gets released, it is showed in different cinemas, theaters, multiplexes etc. where it makes business and collects some sort of amount in avenge of showing film to the audience. This respective amount earned by the films or movies on these platforms that adds to their total income or money profit to the makers of the production is called Box office. Box Office is the biggest platforms for the Indian films to show their performance and get connected to the audience. If a film does well on box office or said that box office collection of that film is good, then it means the movie has sustained its profits.

Our website is a online Entertainment portal providing total and reliable information about the box office collections of different Indian movies. Talking about Bollywood films to the interesting Telugu films; we relate to our readers by providing efficient articles on all the sort of movies releasing on the box office. We covers all the essential topics and notes like opening day collection of the movie to their last day; reviews by critics, public response, box office predictions, movie wikis and much more in our widely detailed articles and posts. We also supports production houses in promoting their upcoming movies to our level best.

Our valuable readers can get updated and authentic information about items and topics of their interest whether it Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam etc. fields. We endeavors all the mandatory efforts to enrich our searchers and readers with the latest and required news and information about the Indian Cinema and Box Office.

Our team of writers & editors maintains the level of ease and understand-ability for comfort of our readers and their preferences. We are happy to contribute higher each day into the information and articles on Indian Cinema. Our variegated range of articles and plethora of items will surely end with your satisfaction and entertainment.

For regular updates and information about Indian Box Office of latest movies and productions, stay always tuned to our website

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